The River of life

Do you flow with the river of life, dear one?  Or has a traumatic event beached you on a sandbar, taken you out of the main channel?


Swimming geese

You and all living creatures are meant to move with the current, allowing the pull of the stream to float you effortlessly through many landscapes, the rapids, deep pools, the shallows, the floods, the white water…the many moods of the river.

If you have run aground and your life is on hold or feels like it is moving on without your full presence, please find someone who can help you gradually attune yourself to the flow, to rejoin and reclaim your life.

When you reclaim your life and heal, you send ripples health and wholeness through the web of all things, and all are uplifted by your intention and courage.

When you reclaim your life, you reclaim your power, your sparkle, your inner fire, for you were meant to live fully – feeling your feelings, fully embodied, breathing deeply of the life you desire, one with the river.

Easy or lazy?

Think of your life as a river. You float easily on the current, you allow yourself to be carried with the flow. When you try to fight the current and go upstream, you expend your precious energy, you deplete yourself. You wear yourself out by living in the past and fighting what is.


A Pair of Canadian Geese

Enjoy the journey, the scenery, the effortless ease as you are carried downstream. You can steer and keep yourself in the main channel, partaking of the present moment, constantly choosing to stay in the current.

I am not advocating the lazy way out. I am advocating the constant observation of where you are in the stream, the calm and easy navigation toward what you want, toward your highest good with the current easing your way.

Lazy is letting yourself get washed into a back water, mired on a sand bar, stuck in the mud, because you refuse to steer and do not choose to place yourself squarely in the main channel. Who will rescue you?

Know the difference between ease and laziness. Allow the current of your life to take you easily and effortlessly where you want to go.

Be like water


2016-04-10 11.38.40 (640x480)

Creek in spring – Canadian geese

Water flows without thought, without worry, without a plan. That is the nature of water, to flow where gravity pulls, to the measureless ocean, the infinity of water where all drops all flows, all streams, all rivers become one; where all merge into one incredible power.

Do you know the power that surges in yourself when you feel the oneness with all that is? The truth that you are inseparable from source is your power.

You are not alone– not a tiny weak thing that must scrape by and compete with other separate beings. We together, all living things are one organism woven together at an invisible level through the fabric of existence.  Let us learn once again to live in harmony and flow!

When you close your eyes and allow yourself to expand into the light as you meditate, you get a small taste of your oneness with all things. Once you know this, my dear, you will never un-know this fundamental truth.