Walking on Ice

There are times in life when humans who live through freezing winters must walk on ice. It cannot be avoided.

To walk safely on the ice, total awareness is required in the present moment. Each movement and each step forward much be considered, balance maintained.

Those who have no choice but to walk on ice must have an eye for the safest places to place their feet. These are the spots that will provide the most traction. This knowledge and body wisdom is based on a lifetime of walking on ice.

GCW and Icy Path

Sometimes the path ahead is clear for easy walking without the walker having to consider each step. Then once again there may be packed snow or glassy ice patches on the path. It is beautiful, yet potentially dangerous.

You who walk on ice must know when to walk flat footed, when to shuffle, when to stride forward without planning your every step. Thoughts of fear or anger will deflect your attention and bring you down.

Such is life in a human body, dear ones. Sometimes you will have to carefully pick and choose your steps, slowly making progress through the dangerous places, finding traction, trusting the Earth will support you.

You must do your part as well and listen to the wisdom of your body, earned through many years of experience walking on ice.


I have known other trees to be uprooted, stripped of branches and leaves in a powerful windstorm, bent and broken by heavy ice and snow, riddled by disease and insects, felled by a chainsaw wielding human.


Final day for a crimson maple tree

I have witnessed destruction and danger, I have seen death and decay. Yet I must stand tall and root myself deeply in the face of these unpredictable dangers.


Fallen log with fungi and moss

It is my only choice. To endure, to live and unfold my leaves each spring, to release my seeds on the wind, to send my roots deeper and deeper into the fertile soul beneath me, to reach toward the light.

In the face of the dangers of life, within your power, do what you can to live fully, face the sun, and fulfill your purpose here. All other choices lead to diminishment.