Obligation and duty

Do you feel obligated to carry out certain actions that others deem important?

Do you feel you must go to events chosen by others, buy and give gifts, act within the human made frameworks of rules, rituals, honor, custom, tradition, and habit?

Vine tendril

Do you follow procedures out of routine and attend ceremonies that no longer make you happy?

Do you feel trapped in endless cycles of duty that bring you no joy and keep you stuck?

It is time to look closely at your automatic responses when duty or obligation come knocking at your door. Do you feel anger, resentment, a lack of freedom, or do you feel uplifted, joyful, connected, and happy?

If you feel resentment, it’s time to gather your courage and create new habits, new thoughts, and new rituals that support and add real meaning and purpose to your life and connect you more deeply to your loved ones. And, they must bring you joy.

It is your life, dear one, and you get to make the rules and set the boundaries that work for you, create the ceremonies, choose the events and activities you enjoy.

You are the creator and designer of your life. Make it beautiful, make it uplifting, make it fun. And make it yours!


All things have an attitude, a habit.

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Grandmother Cottonwood

Growing things prefer shade or sun, rocky soil, swampy soil, rich soil. We can be expansive and confident, shy and retiring, showy and extroverted. Some of us thrive in the shadow of larger plants, some tower above the surrounding growth and reach higher than the others… like yours truly.

We may pelt you with hard nuts in the fall, or allow the breeze to blow our cottony seeds miles distant. We may be upright or prostrate, we may prefer to grow wild, or to live tame in your yards.

You too display your attitudes, your personalities. You may prefer to be quiet or lively, you may wish to dance in the street, or curl up with a novel. You may keep things in, or spill everything you know. Trust in yourself even if “Mom or Dad” want you to get out more or quiet down a bit.

Express who you are in the way that makes you happy and energized and satisfied. Do not ask for permission to be yourself! The world needs your unique attitude, for you fill a need here, just as each plant fills their unique place in nature.