The great release

Once again we come to the time of letting go, the great release as the leaves we’ve held onto for so long this year are finally relieved of duty. For a brief time they blaze with breathtaking color. Let your eyes take in and enjoy our gorgeous color! Soon enough they become the soil at our feet they as they wither and brown and decay. Next year’s plant food.


Red Virginia Creeper leaves

Now through the bare bones of our winter branches we have a chance to see feel and know the underlying structure beneath the summer show. We see what is rooted, what endures from year to year, through the cold months as well as the warm, not just the shimmering temporary summer show.

You too have an underlying structure. You are a web of invisible energy, permeating the physical body. This is the structure on which your life and body are built. Your energy endures from lifetime to lifetime without end.

When you keep your subtle energy flowing, healthy, and vibrant your life pulses with health and glows with vitality.

Your aura

GCW speaks of your human “atmosphere”, the aura

2015-12-10 11.10.07

Cloudy atmosphere

All living things have an atmosphere that is too fine for most human eyes to see. Your aura is as much you as the skin, hair, teeth, or bone of you. You are inseparable from your aura and cannot live without it just as the invisible atmosphere we breathe is inseparable from the earth and supports all of life.

You are larger than you think. Your aura/spirit overlaps with the energy of others, even when your bodies seem separate. You are adept at silent energetic communication, yet you do not know it. Your spirits speak louder than words or actions.

Have you been repelled for no apparent reason when you meet a new person? Does your gut warn against a situation? Do you feel drawn to someone without understanding why? Do you feel a stab of anxiety when your beloved daughter, miles away feels fear and worry? Your aura has picked up and sensed these subtle feelings and communicates what you need to know. Your spirit does not lie! It is sensitive across time and space. Tune in and pay attention!

Your aura is in constant movement. Nothing stands still about you at the most primal, most intimate level of your being. Your thoughts, emotions, feelings are all energy.

We trees can feel and sense the flow of you or the way you might be stuck in a holding pattern, unable to move forward. This affects your entire being, and will show itself in the body in ways that may alarm you.

The potential in each of you is infinite! Care for your atmosphere, your energy field, for it sets the tone for your entire existence – thoughts, emotions, feelings, attitudes, beliefs. Recognize that you are energy, let your thought, feelings, emotions flow like a stream, do not dam them up and hold onto them.

You are larger and more tuned in than you know. Use this knowledge wisely.