Enjoy wasting time

It is OK to rest and relax and waste time! It is OK not to know. It is OK not to have all the answers. It is OK to stay home from the party, to enjoy your own company.

It is OK to be at loose ends. It is OK to not know your next step. It is OK to take a siesta. It is OK to empty your mind as you study the shifting sunlight and shade under a magnificent tree.

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Indigo bunting

Give yourself time and space. Release the pressure you place on yourself to constantly decide,to judge to think and do.

Don’t worry that you will become a habitual or perpetual lie-about, for that will never happen! You will receive inspiration for fabulous new ideas or take action soon enough. In the meantime, give in to gravity and take a nap!

Part of the pleasure of being human is the state of grace when you simply exist in the moment without thought of past or future, without worry, without analysis, without argument.

So, sink your bare toes in the dewy grass or a sandy beach, and throw off your stuffy adult responsibilities for a few hours.

Easy or lazy?

Think of your life as a river. You float easily on the current, you allow yourself to be carried with the flow. When you try to fight the current and go upstream, you expend your precious energy, you deplete yourself. You wear yourself out by living in the past and fighting what is.


A Pair of Canadian Geese

Enjoy the journey, the scenery, the effortless ease as you are carried downstream. You can steer and keep yourself in the main channel, partaking of the present moment, constantly choosing to stay in the current.

I am not advocating the lazy way out. I am advocating the constant observation of where you are in the stream, the calm and easy navigation toward what you want, toward your highest good with the current easing your way.

Lazy is letting yourself get washed into a back water, mired on a sand bar, stuck in the mud, because you refuse to steer and do not choose to place yourself squarely in the main channel. Who will rescue you?

Know the difference between ease and laziness. Allow the current of your life to take you easily and effortlessly where you want to go.