More advice from a tree

Dear ones, send your roots deep and spread your branches wide. As a living being on this planet it is your birthright to take up your share of sunlight water and nutrients. No more, no less.

Hackberry tree

When you sacrifice the water, nutrients, resources, space, and sunlight that you require to thrive in order to help a weaker being, you only weaken and diminish yourself.

When you sacrifice your own well-being to try and help other healthy adults you are keeping yourself small and stunted. Your health and well being suffer, you have trouble accessing your inner power and your future suffers.

You will never see a tree leaning away from the light!

Sometimes they must lean away from the shade of larger trees, to find their own light. When the larger tree falls, the smaller can shoot up and take its place in the canopy. This is the way of trees.

Of course when you have small children or you are caring for someone who is ill, you will do what you can for them and help them. Yet, even then, you must maintain and take care of your own energy, take some time for yourself, breathe deeply, eat healthfully, get enough sleep and exercise. No one will do it for you!

Do not give up your own precious path, your well made plans, your true heartfelt work, your beloved dreams to try and help those who live in the shadows. You will both be weakened. Once abandoned, your creative and spirit guided life may fade from your consciousness and be forgotten.

To help others in healthy ways that honor your needs, you can show and reflect to them their own inner power, their own strength their own capabilities, their own capacity to plug into the light.

Grandmother Cottonwood

That is what balanced healthy loving is. Letting others find their way according to their purpose here on planet Earth.

My purpose as a tree: Root deeply and reach to the light.

Your Purpose

You have come with a purpose in mind and heart. Even if you don’t remember or know it in your conscious mind, life unfolds and guides you toward your purpose, subtly, or pushes you there, kicking and screaming.

2016-04-26 10.32.06 (480x640)

Redwing blackbird

Surrender to the unfolding of your precious life purpose.  This is your chance to live fully, to allow yourself to enter the spotlight and become a partner with source of creation.

Perhaps you have other ideas? You life will truly thrive only when you cease resisting the inevitable and listen to the quiet and wise voice of source within your heart and soul.

Perhaps it is long forgotten dreams of your childhood, when you knew without a doubt or second thought you were born to be an artist, a singer, a healer, a speaker, a teacher, a writer…

But over the years, you’ve become conventional – conformed to those who had no vision but felt they must influence you for “your own good”…or keep you small so they could feel large. You gave up on your dreams.

I am asking you to revisit the dreams, visions and passions that made you feel alive and want to get out of bed each morning. Dust them off, shine them up, and step into your true life! – a soul satisfying partnership with the loving, delightful, all knowing source of creation. Dance!