Invitation from a tree

Dear ones, I invite you to rest here against my rough bark, soaking in the energy of the earth and sky that I channel through my my roots and branches. Rest in my shade and I’ll wrap you in peace.

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Grandmother Cottonwood and hand

I’ll help you root to the earth, to feel at home; to feel belonging and kinship with all creatures here below. I’ll help you reach to the heavens and feel your connection to the source of creation.

We trees might be simple life forms when measured against your mighty accomplishments. Yet you grew up on this earth in the company of trees in forests, jungles, savannas, or those purposefully planted in your neighborhoods.

We belong together!

We trees wish to be reunited with you and your higher selves- the part of you that can feel and know the harmony and healing love we offer. Sit with us quietly and feel peace.

Forest cathedral

Come to the timber with me. Feel the peace and sacred quiet on this snowy winter day. The peace of growing things at rest.


Cottonwoods at dusk

This feels familiar for beneath the surface, beneath all the chatter and worry of the brain, beneath all the attention grabbing anxieties, you too know the peace and sacred silence at your center. It is a gift that all living beings are given.

Come to the timber and reconnect to the divine within you. You do not need stained glass, you do not need incense, you do not need a liturgy, you do not need words read out by another to connect deeply and know your oneness with all that is.

You may love your religious forms and rituals, but you do not require them to connect to the living spirit, the great oneness at the heart of all things.

Visit our forest cathedral, open to the endless sky, with its foundation of our intertwined roots, supporting columns of our straight and true tree trunks, arches of our branches, soaring overhead.

Here you may find sacred space and divine peace.