What colors do you crave?

What colors make you happy?  What colors lift your energy?


Sunflower and lightning bug

Do you need the stimulation of bright turquoise, the sweetness of deep rose, the cheerfulness of glowing orange, the comfort of emerald green? Bring the colors you crave into your life in fun easy ways; clothing, decorations, jewelry, scarves, ties, paint, pictures, flower pots, lawn toys, bird houses, walls, woodwork, glass…

Color is a quality of light, color is energy. Are you stuck in a rut? Bring in a new color to help you shift your energy and lift your mood.

You are a full spectrum human being. Allow yourself the happiness and joy of colors you love. Allow yourself the full spectrum of emotion, of feeling, of experience. Use color to make your life full rich and joyful.


GCW speaks of color

2015-09-12 09.48.38

Summer color

Life needs color! Mix and match have fun, for color never hurt anyone. Be bold and playful. You are too careful! Break the rules. Then contemplate why there are rules, who made them and why you should waste any more of your precious time worrying about them!

Turquoise, pink magenta violet, red, orange. The colors of the sunset… Fill your home with all tints and shades, all hues blues, greens, cerulean, ocean, sapphire- get scarves or pillows or curtains, or bedspreads or rugs, or socks, or clothes or paint for your rooms in those pretty colors you adore. Be like a kid in a candy store! Plant flowers, little summer jewels that delight with their form, color, and fragrance.  Give this delightful gift to yourself

Wrap yourself in color from head to toe. Let your eyes delight in the interaction of adjoining and overlapping colors. Allow yourself to be dazzled! Fill your world with the visible spectrum. Your senses are meant to bring you delight and joy.

Get started now! Enliven your world!