More about living in the present

Please do not cling to the past with all its delights and pleasures. Remember them fondly. Your job is to create new delights and pleasures in your now and be fully present as they unfold.

Step into your now! This is where your power lies!

Painted Lady butterfly on zinnia

You have come this far in life, balancing on the knife edge of each moment as it comes, lasts, passes into the next and the next.

Remember this: Worry keeps you distracted from your present. Fear of the future keeps you powerless to make needed changes to your life. Guilt keeps you stuck in the past.

Take pleasure in your now. Pay attention: masses of sun colored daylilies, a dramatic sky, your life giving breath as you inhale and exhale, your feet supporting your body so beautifully, your arms swinging in rhythm as you walk, shifting patterns of leafy shade on the grass, the summer landscape…an evening thunder storm…

Wild Lobelia

Make the most of your precious time, your precious life, your present moments. Live them fully!

Be at peace

Be at peace in this moment!

2015-07-09 09.38.47 (640x480)

Iowa woodland, sunlight and shadow

Your thoughts can easily yank you headfirst out of the here and now, away from the sensations of the body, the feelings of the heart, and the energy of emotion to a world inside your head. That world contained in your cranium can become a battle ground, an argument with yourself, a roller coaster of worry…

Contained in your seemingly thick skulls are enough worried thoughts and anxious ideas to hijack your peaceful nature, to kidnap your peace of mind and well being.  They can get you caught up in the never ending loop of your brain on worry: “What did he mean by that?”  “There isn’t enough…”  “Why was she so angry?”  and on and on and on…

Let yourself relax. Don’t take yourself so seriously! Laugh and smile enjoy the healing energy that laughter brings.  Pause for a moment and notice the golden sunlight dancing on the leaves of a nearby tree, the shifting dappled shade beneath. Enjoy the feeling of the breath entering and leaving your body, the rise and fall of the belly.

Pay attention to the here and now and most moments in your life will be peaceful and serene.