A job too small for her soul

E of central Iowa wonders:

2013-01-01 00.00.00-557

Q. Dear Grandmother Cottonwood,

I’m working in job that is too small for my soul. I can’t respect myself anymore, but I feel stuck because of the money I’m earning, what advice do you have for me?

A. My dear beloved, your soul cannot be contained, must not be contained. If you feel that your soul is constricted by this job, then you are not seeing all there is to see.  You are not allowing yourself to be who you are. The job is just an excuse to be stuck. You are as large as the universe, you are vast and powerful, you are amazing, you are infinite. But you keep yourself in a little container, bounded by your fears. You hunch yourself over to fit into the little box you imagine is all there is for you. There is nothing that can keep you stuck in the tiny cage unless you allow it. I dare you to let yourself be infinite at work, to be expansive, to be who you really are, to let your light shine to its fullest extent (chuckles) and then watch the chips fall where they may. Of course, those work people won’t know how to act around the new you, the infinite and shiny new you… but oh, well. Maybe they will learn by example…or maybe not.

I see from my higher treeish perspective, the larger you, the you that you could be if you allowed your full power to be experienced and expressed. You are so much more than you pretend to be! So much more than you think yourself to be, so much more even than you dream of being. You were not put on this earth to be small or to hide your gifts. Grandmother Cottonwood would be remiss if she did not illustrate to you the magnificence that you are, the brilliance that you are, the need here on earth for your true gifts and talents. This world needs you complete and whole, brightly shining, running on full power!

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