What can I do to keep air and water pure?

From A of West Des Moines, Iowa2013-01-01 00.00.00-165

Q. Grandmother Cottonwood, what can we do to keep our air (and water) more pure? My yard may not be big enough to plant more trees – maybe bushes?

A. Have you ever transmitted the energy of pollution? Many do this. Many humans do not understand how thoughts and words affect the web of life. Purify yourself, your thoughts, words, actions. Teach others. In this way you spread the energy of love and that affects every particle of energy on this earth.  As a teacher, you are already doing this. There is no need to preach! Your energy affects those near you so much more than your words. Remember this. Continue to be the light- a loving source of light in your community. Others will be drawn to you, to be warmed and lit by your flame. They will learn from you and carry this with them to bless the world. This in turn will be healing to the water air and soil because people who feel and know their wholeness do not pollute their home. You are at the hub of a web of light, the magnitude of which you can not even imagine.

Planting bushes in your yard if you are moved and guided to do this is right. Send love, beam it from your heart space and hold the growing things under your care in this light. Envision their roots, buds, the birds that will settle in, the butterflies, all the life forms your plantings support. The web you create in your space is a subset of the web of all existence. You have the power to set into motion this powerful web of love that begins in your heart and spreads to the far reaches of creation!

You are a magnificent creator! You bless this earth with your presence!

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