Why do people kill?

Thorny locust

Thorny locust

P of Des Moines, Iowa wants to know:

Q.  Why do people kill each other? (P is a veteran of two wars)

A. My beloved P, only those who feel separate from the web of all creation commit acts of violence and violation. We – all living creatures are born knowing our vital place in the web. Every one of us, every blade of grass, every tadpole, every mass of algae, every fungus on the forest floor, and yes, every human infant is innately aware of the unity that lies beyond the world you perceive with your 5 senses.

Those who somehow feel separate and alone often have been ill treated so as to distort their knowledge of wholeness. They may feel in their deepest recesses a despair, an anger, a rebellion, all because at their innermost center they know that all is one. But, they see only the surface difference, separation, attack everywhere they look. They see their world through a false lense of distortion.

This is the law of the web: Those who feel separate create more separation. Those who damage others damage the whole and themselves as well. Those who hate themselves cast hate into the web and become a hub of distortion that moves outward enveloping others unless it is rewoven and healed with love. Every action no matter how small reverberates through the web and affects every particle of energy in the universe. If you wish to create love, do so with your thoughts, actions, words.

A  state of being that you call Love powers this universe.  In time, those who feel separate will know and feel this too. Each creature on this green planet may act from separation or from wholeness and connection. Which do you choose? Never underestimate your power of creation!

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