Grass yards

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J of Ames Iowa wants to know:

Q. What urban practices (for example, having grass yards) would you like to see stopped?

Betty’s note: GCW has provided two answers to this question. The second answer will appear in the next post.

A. Having a simple plot of grass harms no-one. It is harmful to the web when only grass, only a particular look, feel and texture (a fictional carpet of green) is valued above all else – when all out chemical warfare is waged on all that is not-grass. This achieves a look and texture that has nothing to do with nature’s intention.

To achieve what some think of as perfection, foreign substances are introduced that poison the water and harm the life of the soil. Must humans wage constant war? If not with other humans, then with growing things; if not with growing things, then with drugs; if not with drugs, then with ideas you don’t like…or the weather… Are you not exhausted from this constant fighting and pushing against what is?

Nature is a balanced web of diverse life-forms thriving together. Those who want the “look” might as well throw a synthetic carpet of green over the soil as some have done! Do not try this at home! This practice cheapens the miraculous process of life – deeply complex and beautiful and joyous, into nothing but surface appearance. I am here to tell you to look and feel beneath the surface of things. Slow down and feel with your hearts, listen with your entire being to the miracle of life on this magnificent planet! Learn to work in harmony with the web in which all things are one, for you too are a integral part of this glorious universe!

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