GCW Speaks



GCW Speaks:

My entire being cries out to express the love and delight, the expansive energy that is at the heart of my being. These qualities my beloved, reside also in you. My purpose in speaking through your representative is so that you may know and feel and live your true nature. So that you may know that at your core, you are love, the energy that holds this planet together. Know that love is the stuff, the quantum particles of the universe that saturate all things seen and unseen.

Know your magnificence! Know your nature as powerful beings of light! You are so much more than you think you are. Step up into knowing with all that you are, and you will never question your worth again! You will know your true nature and you will never be able to un-know it again!

These words do not express the expansion, the joy, the delight that we all are! Feel and know these feelings that lie far beyond the scope of words!

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