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GCW speaks of the ancestors

Do not be alarmed. Your ancestors who have passed on to the light, are with you now, even those from before history was recorded. Does your room feel crowded?

They wish you, embodied in a physical presence, with feet on the earth, the best. They are indestructible spirits (as you are) that continue to learn, grow, that are mightily interested in the unfolding your your lives.

You may feel their loving presence at time when you allow yourself to release human constructed ideas about what is and isn’t real. Get over that! You limit your brains to the concrete physical world and you miss the infinitely wider spectrum of possibilities and relationships and inspirations and love that will flow easily to you. That happens only if you allow it by releasing your grip on the “real” every now and then.

So much is possible! These spirits are not cold scary aloof beings and ghosts, but warm loving and caring helpers! They who have lived in a physical existence time and time again, have made mistakes and experienced fear, but also great love, these ancestors have much to teach us. They desire to assist as you create your loving home, the nurturing safe and beautiful places for all who dwell on this plant.

You are supported, loved and guided by these spirits of light who beam with passion and joy as they witness the unfolding of your lives.

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