Loosen up!

2013-01-01 00.00.00-326

Tree swing

Why are you so careful all the time? Are you afraid of a misstep, a mistake, getting dirty? I tell you you must sink your toes into the mud and let it ooze. Hear the squelching noise as you lift your foot. Admire your perfect footprint! It is proof that you too can loosen up and go barefoot once and awhile.

No matter your age there is still a playful child inside of you, wanting to escape the tight clothes, the stupid meetings, wanting to play and be free!

Skip stones across a little steam, climb a friendly tree, swing on a rope swing above the fragrant lawn, make a sand castle, spin with your grandchildren in a made up dance. Laugh at the funny noises you invent. Play here under my branches. Make a little play house, create a shelter to call your own.

Pretend.  As you pretend you dream.  As you dream you create your world.

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