Do not fight

2013-01-01 00.00.00-17

Jack in the pulpit

Do not fight anything, my dears. For in fighting you give attention. You push against and that strengthens the very thing you wish to eliminate. Shall we fight against war or fight against disease, or drugs or terrorism? How are these battles going for you?

The change you desire begins within the center of your heart. To change what you perceive around you, you must change the vibrations, the feelings, the emotions and thoughts until you have become the embodiment of peace, of well-being, of acceptance.

You cannot fight anything and “win”.  You are simply prolonging the aggression and adding unhappiness and damage and hurt to the web of all things. What you see and feel is a reflection of you and all of us together.

The reflection of well being and peace and love are so much stronger than you know. Tune in to the energy of nature of plants of birds, of the soil and the intricate balance between creatures and their chosen places.

Nature does not go to war with herself! Here you will find such intricacy, such balance, such love and interdependency and trust in life! You will know this also within yourself for it will strike a chord of truth within you.

You will become a true center of peace and harmony for the human world when you live this truth.

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