To be alive!

To be alive! My sweet tiny spring leaves unrolling to the soft sunlight. I feel as you must when you dance with joy! To bury your nose in the blossoms of apple, honey suckle and tulip. The energy of life rises gloriously within me and all living things, enthralling us all with the energy of procreation and life on this earth!

2016-04-25 16.48.27 - Copy (640x480)

Bleeding heart blossoms

You humans can dance. Whey do you insist on sitting still? You can sing gloriously. Why do you sit mute in front of glowing blue screens? You can love with your entire hearts . Why give only half? Why turn away and close off your glorious loving energy that is like a light house beacon that can fill the universe if given the chance?

You can create such magnificent art and music and design, and plans. Why suppress your creative power, and settle for less than your full potential?

Your power does not lie in controlling others or fame and fortune. It does not lie in a tough demeanor. It lies at the very heart of you.  Which do you choose -the heart that lives a half life, closed off from hurt and feeling, or the heart that chooses to face fears and step into the unknown and live fully and deeply, true to the person you came here to be?

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