Facing reality

Do you constantly try to escape your reality?

Do you push away the unpleasant conversations you know you must have, ignore the little voice of intuition within you, spend a fortune trying to fight mother nature’s signs of aging in your face, spend more than you make on things you soon lose interest in…

Do you miss hours, days, or even weeks lost in your computer or phone screen? Do you eat an excess of comforting and sugary foods to distract from the reality of your life and your feelings, your situation?

DSCN4672 (640x480)

Crow in winter

Can you gently bring your awareness to these patterns in your life without judging yourself? Can you sit with the discomfort you feel and love yourself anyway? Can you find courage in your heart to change these patterns little by little, one step at a time?

I’m here to tell you that standing firmly in the truth of your life with self compassion and non-judgment is the path to healing and expanding into the life you dream of.

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