Balance between head and heart

Dear humans, your beautiful minds that define and confine your species can be a blessing or a liability.

Your constantly creative and inventive minds have made so many advances in the world making life easier, healthier, and more comfortable for many. The innovations in science, medicine, travel, communications have transformed our earth in un-imagined ways.

Grandmother Cottonwood

Blessing – or liability, or some of each?

Your logical minds can be a blessing when you work together to solve social environmental and family problems, when you use your endless creativity and powerful intellects to make life easier and more comfortable with enough to go around for all inhabitants of this Earth, human, plant, animal.

Your logical minds can be a liability when they refuse to let in the evidence of the heart and gut, the intuition and knowing each of you has been endowed with. A liability when shutting out all evidence of feelings and of your spiritual selves. A liability when your innovations lead to inequality, to environmental degradation, to violence and corruption.

When new technology is accepted without a second thought to the possible problems it will create, the heart, the spirit, the web of life are trampled on and weakened.

When humans learn to find a balance between head and heart, mind and spirit, our earth will come more fully into balance. Yes, the same earth that seems to wobble and shift underfoot during difficult times.

Balance between head and heart will bring a more satisfying equilibrium to your lives, your relationships.

Let this balance begin with you!

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