Dear readers, This is Grandmother Cottonwood’s last post.  I (Betty, the voice of Grandmother Cottonwood) am retiring for the time being from blogging her words.

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Thank you all, dear readers for tuning in and reading GCW’s words each week for the past three years.  I hope her words resonated with you at times, been helpful or uplifting at times. 

My work is focused elsewhere now,  as I concentrate on shamanic healing and energy healing, helping people renew and restore their spirits.  I am trying to practice what Grandmother Cottonwood preaches, to shine my light and bless this earth.

May you too bless this earth with your talents, gifts, and abilities.  May you be blessed in all things! May you shine your light fully!





May you be open to receive and appreciate the stream of blessings that flow to you in endless supply-

Warmth in winter, your comfortable home, the light that obeys at the flick of a switch, the clean pure water that flows when you need it, your daily food in countless combinations and varieties…

2015-12-12 10.58.31

Cardinal in winter



The sunlight that makes all life possible. The earth under your feet supporting and feeding your life…

The starry night sky, the moonlit snowy landscape showing you the immensity of all that is, that there is more than this earth. Life is larger than any living thing can comprehend, yet you are here now. And you are blessed beyond measure…

The purring, happy, funny, friendly, joyful dancing, loving pets of your home, the patient potted plants that share and clean the air you breathe, and provide green in the dead of winter…

The inspiration that powers your life, the passion for creating that is inseparable from you. The music that moves you to your feet, that touches your heart, the infinite world of color that delights the eyes, the art that touches your emotions…

All living things, from butterfly to elephant, ant to honeybee, garter snake to eagle, grasses, moss, trees, all flowering, seeding, fruiting things rooted in the earth…


Jack in the pulpit berries

Your amazing body that serves you for a lifetime, allowing your spirit to have a physical experience on this earth.  The muscles and bones and sinew that form your framework, the heart that beats without exception your life long…

The warm touch of a loved one’s hand, their kind and loving words, the feel of their energy, the sound of their familiar voice, laughter from the heart….

The ability to see and taste and touch and know all the blessings that are yours every day of your life on earth – and to know they are good.

Creative flow

Set the stage for your creative work. Send you roots deep into the earth that supports all living things. Breathe in her nourishment, let earth energy fill your body. Let go of worry, doubt, expectations.


Bird nest near stream

Now, firmly rooted, stand tall and let your crown open. Let yourself expand upward to the light. Let your energy be joyful and expansive as you reach the vibration of flow.

You will feel yourself open to a powerful flow of creative energy moving you to act, to do what inspires you, to do what satisfies your soul.  This energy is life itself.

Before you create, place yourself in this stream of divine energy. Ask for blessings to flow.  Get ready for a ride!

What is your currency?

How do you calculate your wealth?

What is your currency? Days on this earth? Golden sunlight sparkling on the creek? Silver moonlight blessing your nights? Every breath you take? The exquisite natural beauty of this planet?


Frosty leaves

What is your wealth? The number of green leaves on your crown? The extent of your roots and branches? The health and well being of your body?

What are your riches? The depth of your friendships? The love of your spouse, your children and grandchildren? The blessed and varied food that is set before you day in and day out?

What is your fortune? The energy of life that flows through your being? Your ceaseless creative ideas, your laughter? Your feeling of belonging? Your physical form, human body, or tree…?

What is your prosperity? All that is freely provided by this planet so that you can live and thrive here? The breathtaking beauty given each day to those who would feel and notice. The creations of those who’ve gone before you?

Hold your magnificent blessings in your heart until it overflows with appreciation and gratitude for all of creation.

Your wealth, no matter who you are, is beyond measure, priceless.