What is your currency?

How do you calculate your wealth?

What is your currency? Days on this earth? Golden sunlight sparkling on the creek? Silver moonlight blessing your nights? Every breath you take? The exquisite natural beauty of this planet?


Frosty leaves

What is your wealth? The number of green leaves on your crown? The extent of your roots and branches? The health and well being of your body?

What are your riches? The depth of your friendships? The love of your spouse, your children and grandchildren? The blessed and varied food that is set before you day in and day out?

What is your fortune? The energy of life that flows through your being? Your ceaseless creative ideas, your laughter? Your feeling of belonging? Your physical form, human body, or tree…?

What is your prosperity? All that is freely provided by this planet so that you can live and thrive here? The breathtaking beauty given each day to those who would feel and notice. The creations of those who’ve gone before you?

Hold your magnificent blessings in your heart until it overflows with appreciation and gratitude for all of creation.

Your wealth, no matter who you are, is beyond measure, priceless.

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