Simple Steps

Dear ones, you are needed on this planet now living up to your full light and power, owning and practicing your skills and sharing your talents, at your best in body mind and spirit.

If you feel dull, diminished, small, take one step toward your health and well-being today. Don’t overthink or complicate things. Start small. Start at the beginning.

Message from GCW

Change one thought. Consciously bring in a new thought that is in harmony with you and your desires in life. Little by little, day by day, new more hopeful thoughts will begin to create a lighter and more positive background to your life.

Do one physical stretch or movement or short walk that will remind your body that you are alive. Let your body move in ways that feel good to you. There is no need to break a sweat or call it a workout.

Take one mindful breath. Inhale and exhale. Pay attention to what you are feeling in your body during this breath. If you want to, take a second mindful breath.

When you are alone, let yourself feel an emotion. Name it. Notice where it shows up in your body, how it changes and moves as you pay attention to it. Let it go on an out-breath by doing safe physical movements, making sounds or vocalizing words in your private space.

Do one simple thing each day to strengthen yourself, to feel better.

In this moment

Take a moment to celebrate the fullness of your life. Know that all is well in this moment.

Your heart beats in your chest, your in-breath expands your lungs, the out-breath releases and contracts, the slow and sweet rhythm of life flowing and ebbing like waves on a beach.

You have been given the simple yet miraculous gifts of sunlight, fresh air, birdsong, eyes, hands, ears… the senses through which you experience life in your body.

Robin in late winter

If you are a worrier, anxious, fearful or regretful, you might miss the perfection of this moment here and now, the still point between breaths, the simple yet most precious gift of life.

Bring your awareness to your now. Yes, life here on our planet can be difficult and dangerous, fragile, fleeting, unjust, and heartbreaking. Please do not allow fear grief and anger to steal the fullness of this moment here and now as you partake in the beautiful mystery of life on Earth.

Let your mind rest and bring full awareness to the perfection of this particular moment. In this moment, you are safe, you are alive.

Allow yourself to enjoy and appreciate the most precious gift you’ve been given. Life on Earth in a human body.

Be at peace

Be at peace in this moment!

2015-07-09 09.38.47 (640x480)

Iowa woodland, sunlight and shadow

Your thoughts can easily yank you headfirst out of the here and now, away from the sensations of the body, the feelings of the heart, and the energy of emotion to a world inside your head. That world contained in your cranium can become a battle ground, an argument with yourself, a roller coaster of worry…

Contained in your seemingly thick skulls are enough worried thoughts and anxious ideas to hijack your peaceful nature, to kidnap your peace of mind and well being.  They can get you caught up in the never ending loop of your brain on worry: “What did he mean by that?”  “There isn’t enough…”  “Why was she so angry?”  and on and on and on…

Let yourself relax. Don’t take yourself so seriously! Laugh and smile enjoy the healing energy that laughter brings.  Pause for a moment and notice the golden sunlight dancing on the leaves of a nearby tree, the shifting dappled shade beneath. Enjoy the feeling of the breath entering and leaving your body, the rise and fall of the belly.

Pay attention to the here and now and most moments in your life will be peaceful and serene.