Spring Renewal

According to the calendar, the stars and the angle of the sun, the waking and greening life all over the northern hemisphere, spring is here. The Earth wakes finally from her long winter’s nap.

Nature supports your movement toward renewal and restoration during this season of growth and expansion.

Spring is the time to remove those impediments that have kept you from living fully and from enjoying life fully. Now’s the time to let the energy of your life flow freely.

Early spring robin

Remove or change what is bothersome, old, ugly, broken, cluttered, or unused in your surroundings and in your life if you can. Find new colors to live with, new arrangements of objects, give away those things you no longer find joy in.

This is the time to refresh dirty paint, replace threadbare clothes with dull and faded colors, fix and mend broken or scratched surfaces.

It is time to renew and restore the weed choked garden, to haul away last year’s dead leaves, to create compost from the old matter that will feed and nourish new growth. It is time to plant seeds and watch the miracle of their development throughout the growing season.

Now’s the time to explore new interests you’ve been putting off, allowing yourself the luxury of new creative ideas, new projects that will excite and enthuse you.

It’s time to refresh, renew, and clear the decks for the life that is waiting to be born through you.

Drop everything

2016-01-23 11.30.54

Early spring Robin

At times it is right to let go, to release your hold, just as trees in autumn drop leaves to prepare for winter. You may simply need to release your grip on all the details of your life for a time- All the worries, fears, all the tickly and prickly little things that make your brain race in circles with no finish line in sight.

Let your brain rest. Be content. Allow yourself to be empty.

Change gear, unplug from the shiny blinking objects that demand so much of you, that suck the joy and life from you. Lay on the sweet cool earth, nestle your body against the trunk of a sturdy tree, put your ear to the soil, hear the rhythm and heart beat of the earth. Know that you are meant to be here, are beloved. You don’t need to prove yourself by constant action that frazzles your nerves and wipes you out.

Burn your epic to-do-list and rest!