Stone, mist or light?

You, with a human body: Do you know there is more to you?

You are body, you are spirit, you are emotions, you are energy.

You are like a heavenly body – a seemingly solid mass surrounded by an atmosphere that sustains, nurtures, and protects you.


Bare trees, low winter sun

When you identify only with your body you become over time a fossil, a mummy, a bag of bones, a bundle of nerves, disconnected from your shimmering larger self. Turned to stone.

When you identify only with spirit you are like a cloud; wispy, blown easily on the wind, like an escaped helium balloon, insubstantial, disconnected. Mist.

To fully inhabit your life, the earth (body) and sky (spirit) parts of you must be connected. I repeat yet again: root down and reach up.

You are meant to be a column of light like a magnificent tree that is anchored in the earth and growing effortlessly to the light above.  A bridge between worlds.

We will weather this storm

My dears, we will all weather this storm.

Send your roots deep into the earth, the loving mother that has always been the solid ground beneath your feet. You will weather this storm with deep roots, a firm and flexible self that will stay strong when the wind rises.

DSCN3172 (640x480)

A change in the weather

You will weather this storm by maintaining your alignment with the source of all creation and by doing what you were made for. Under no circumstances hide your gifts, or your light. Bring them forth with clarity, reaching your branches to the life giving light.

Know the power in your belly, your most precious birthright. Let it fuel you to speak clearly what is in your heart. Let it fuel you to act from your wisdom. Let it fuel your creative work.

Have you traded your power for a feeling of security, a paycheck, a relationship? 

Call your power back now! You are needed now more that ever, living at full power, speaking with your full clear voice!

Weather this storm my dears, by expanding into the highest, healthiest, most passionate, focused, clear and magnificent human being it is within your power to become.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.


Maintain your light

Do not shut yourselves away from the world outside your four walls. Witness what is occurring around you and maintain your alignment with source as best you can.  Maintain your light as best you can.


Sunlit sunflowers

Maintain your light in the face of ugliness . Maintain your light in the face of chaos. Maintain your light in the midst of lies. Maintain your light when other have lost their way, when their lights are hidden behind shadows of their own making.

You may think you have no power, no affect on others, on national and world events. Yet, when you become the light, allow the light in you to shine without reservation, without getting pulled into the shadows with the fighters and the blamers, the fearful, the insecure; when you simply witness and shine, you are a healer. 

When you maintain your light, you are a powerful being who lifts others up, making a positive difference in the web in which all things are one.

Your amazing light

It is not just your physical being that others respond to.   It is your amazing energy – that powerhouse of creation connected to all that is; your inner light that shines brighter than any sun if you let it.

2013-01-01 00.00.00-83

Grandmother Cottonwood, evening sunlight

Are you willing to let your powerful light shine? Are you willing to truly live the purpose you’ve come here to express? If so, you will break the rules, you will defy convention, you will create your own community.  You may be seen as strange and different, yet you will tap into the vast goodness of the human heart. You will live a rich and full and soul satisfying life guided by your heart your spirit and your connection to all that is.

When you allow your light to shine you will know what it is to be fully empowered, fully human, fully at home in your body while knowing the wise and invisible part of you, the spirit.

Your gifts and talents and light are needed here and now. It is time to come out of hiding, wake from your hibernation and live in your full power!

The Earth and all her creatures need you now!

All hands on deck!


Dear ones, do not allow yourselves to be hijacked by fear and panic when violent actions occur. These emotions can spread like lighting through the web of existence. The feelings are contagious like a deadly disease; sometimes worse than the original event that caused them.


2015-06-27 09.33.01 (480x640)

Grandmother Cottonwood, summer

Question those who would call this violence normal. Question those who expect the violent actions to “happen here”. Is this the reflection you wish to see in the world around you?

This attitude takes you down and those around you like dominoes. Feel what you feel, fear, anger, then let it go. When you are feeling better, intentionally bring in feelings that resonate with the life and the world you wish to create..

I repeat myself yet again! Begin only within. Shine a light on your dark places. Shine love and acceptance on the shadow within you, for it is you, just as the light is you.

Violence occurs when the shadow within is denied, ignored, repressed, tamped down, hated, shamed, punished.

I wish you to know your exquisite beauty, your capacity for joy and expansion. This can only happen when you know yourself as a being of light and sometimes dark, and love yourself anyway.

Learn to embrace your power and light and shadow – a little at a time if it feels safer- like a light bulb gradually dialed from dim to full power. Learn to tolerate the higher vibrations and better feelings that are your birthright!  The light will dissolve the shadow.

When you shine you give other permission to shine as well. You then become a hub in the web of life that radiates health vitality, integrity and well-being.

Do you hide?

Do you hide your light under a bushel?

2016-01-07 11.48.51

Foggy winter day

As a child, the one who speaks and writes for me heard these words often: “Do not hide your light under a bushel.”

She did not know what the words meant, and hid her light, because it felt safer to be invisible than shine in the magnitude of light and delight her spirit knew.

She hid under an upturned basket in the dark and comfort of silence, reining in her light, her life force, her gifts. A few air holes kept her alive, a little light shown in, a little light shone out. As an adult, she learned that her hiding place was really a death-trap for her soul, and took steps to emerge.

Do you allow you light to shine with its full brilliance and magnificence? Your light is integral to the web of all existence. Know this!  If you hide and cover up, there is a dark spot, a weakness, a smudge in the great web of light – all that is.

Take your rightful place in this life you’ve chosen!  Finally allow yourself to be all you’ve come here to be, radiating the full spectrum of light, illuminating this earth and all who live here .