Maintain your light

Do not shut yourselves away from the world outside your four walls. Witness what is occurring around you and maintain your alignment with source as best you can.  Maintain your light as best you can.


Sunlit sunflowers

Maintain your light in the face of ugliness . Maintain your light in the face of chaos. Maintain your light in the midst of lies. Maintain your light when other have lost their way, when their lights are hidden behind shadows of their own making.

You may think you have no power, no affect on others, on national and world events. Yet, when you become the light, allow the light in you to shine without reservation, without getting pulled into the shadows with the fighters and the blamers, the fearful, the insecure; when you simply witness and shine, you are a healer. 

When you maintain your light, you are a powerful being who lifts others up, making a positive difference in the web in which all things are one.

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