What do you tell yourself?

What do you tell yourself? Do you tell yourself you are ugly? Not good enough? Stupid? Powerless?  These are lies!  When you tell yourself these things you are your own worst enemy.


Can  you begin fresh?   When you were an infant you simply existed in the present moment with no thought – simply grace – effortless existence.

Examine your thoughts. Thoughts are energy that have creative power.

What do you wish to create in your life? Gradually shift the content of your thoughts until they support you and the life you wish to create. When you catch yourself thinking thoughts such as…”I’m ugly”…tell yourself  something like “You know, I’ve always though that, but I do have beautiful eyes…”

Find something positive to tell yourself. Make small incremental steps with thoughts that you can believe as true. “My hair is beautiful and glossy.” “My ears are perfect.”  “I love  the way my face transforms when I smile…”

Allow these new kinder thoughts to take root.  Practice them daily until they feel natural to you.

I know you can do this. Create new habits of thought. Allow yourself to feel good!  Give yourself the gift of thoughts that support, empower and uplift you.

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