Time to clean up our act!

To heal the web of life on Earth, we must all clean up our act! Individually and collectively.

Begin within your heart.

Do the difficult yet vital work of healing your own hurt and bitterness, sadness and grief so you can be clear and help lead the way forward, be part of the solution, be a weaver of the web of life.

Learn to feel and know your anger and express it in healthy ways that will fuel you to your highest good and create true justice. When anger is expressed as hurtful rage at others and rotting hatred, great damage is done to the intricate web of creation and will come back to harm the rageful one.

Pay attention to the magnificent web of life, know your vital place in it. Turn down the volume on your ear buds, close down Facebook, turn off the news for a time, and tune into your heart and body, your spirit.

Ask for help to move toward wholeness, otherwise known as healing. You are a powerful and vital element in the web of creation. Your healing and moving toward the light and releasing anxiety and fear benefits you beyond measure and creates a healthier and stronger web for all beings.

Beware of those in power who try to control through hate and fear and convenient lies. This damages the web of all things and the trust and connections between people. The brokenness these leaders bring to the world may take generations to repair. Choose your leaders well!

Don’t let large corporations manipulate you, addict you, and steal your privacy so you become a product in the wheel of e-commerce to be used and discarded when you no longer click or buy. This harms our world and destroys trust.

You are a vital thread in the web of all things! You belong here on this planet at this time! The healthier, the more clear, the stronger you are, the more you can access your own inner power, the brighter your light can shine, the stronger and more resilient the web of life will become!

The time to clean up our act is now!

Drop everything

2016-01-23 11.30.54

Early spring Robin

At times it is right to let go, to release your hold, just as trees in autumn drop leaves to prepare for winter. You may simply need to release your grip on all the details of your life for a time- All the worries, fears, all the tickly and prickly little things that make your brain race in circles with no finish line in sight.

Let your brain rest. Be content. Allow yourself to be empty.

Change gear, unplug from the shiny blinking objects that demand so much of you, that suck the joy and life from you. Lay on the sweet cool earth, nestle your body against the trunk of a sturdy tree, put your ear to the soil, hear the rhythm and heart beat of the earth. Know that you are meant to be here, are beloved. You don’t need to prove yourself by constant action that frazzles your nerves and wipes you out.

Burn your epic to-do-list and rest!