What do trees know that humans don’t?

February 1, 2015

D of Central Iowa asks three questions.

(because nobody told her she couldn’t)  2013-01-01 00.00.00-501

We will answer all three of her questions this week.

Q. What do you know that humans don’t, but wish they did?

A. Oh! There is so much. Where do I begin? All of creation has messages for you, things to teach you beyond your imagination, beyond the scope of your science, beyond all languages on earth. You think everything your senses perceive is the limit to what is. Everything you perceive and all that you do not perceive is held together by the gravity, the invisible fabric of love. Not the sappy conditional love you sing of ad nauseum, but the very power and fuel of all that is! The stuff of life! Human words can’t express this concept… When the singer sings “I wanna know what love is” Do they really “wanna know”, or is it just a line used to pick up sensitive young women?

You too are made of this stuff and can learn to expand your perception. Over-thinking everything from educating children to what you should eat to which religion is right holds humanity (and probably you) back. The very thing you prize most highly in your culture, your intellect, can keep you from expanding into so much more. Learn to see, feel, smell, hear and touch with your hearts then will you truly become one with the power of all that is. When you do this you can use your full spectrum of powers and abilities, even your smarts, for good!

Again, this probably sounds sappy to you intellectuals out there, but OK, come up with some smart new words then!

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