What saddens a tree?

D of central Iowa wants to know…

Q.  What is the saddest thing you’ve ever experienced?

A. I have felt the shock waves from 9-11. I have taken energetic hits from all wars I’ve lived through… from Viet Nam to the most current conflict, even though all these wars occurred on the other side of the world from my native place. I feel the energy of these events like a spider in a web as do all living things on the planet. We exist in an energetic web in which everything that occurs affects the whole. We all feel it, are affected by it, if we know it or not.

Humans who have turned away from their deep innate knowledge of oneness can cause harm to the whole. Acts of mass terror and war, road rage, to the dumping of toxins into the earth, to unkind words spoken in anger all cause harm to the whole. However, do not despair, by beloved, for there will be infinitely more opportunities for human kind to get it “right”. All wounds can be healed. If not in this lifetime, then in the next or the next or the next.

Even as I feel the vibrations of disturbing events, I know that I am here to fulfill my purpose to be fully myself; to expand and reach to the heavens with joy.

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