Question about apple trees

Mom, of Southern Iowa asks Grandmother Cottonwood:

Q. What are the reasons apple trees have good crops some years, and then very few apples the next year?

A. Would you wish for constant fruitfulness without rest and renewal? My beautiful fragrant cousins the fruit trees must have their beauty nap, their day of rest after bearing such bountiful crops. They must rest on their laurels a bit and pull back from the dazzling display at times. No need to wear themselves out for some human imposed expectation! What you do not see is the gathering of energy, of creative force deep in the roots, heartwood and inner fiber during these times of rest. You do not see the renewal within that precedes all creation. This is a creative cycle of nature. Waves must rise and fall, breath must be inhaled and exhaled. The tree is more than its apples. Give them gratitude and thanks for all that they are.

Their joy is to blossom, to bear fruit, to reach for the sky and deep into the earth, to touch the sacred mystery of life on this beautiful earth. Their joy is also to simply exist at times and be what they have been created to be. Feeling the sun and moonlight on their leaves, the tickle of insect feet, birdsong, the rain feeding their roots, the air of all seasons bathing them in life-giving energy. They are part of the great tapestry of this planet. Learn from them and learn to know your own place in this magnificent weaving we call life.

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