Healing for the trees

2013-01-01 00.00.00-137Q. A of central Iowa asks:

When I or others become aware of large area of trees being cut down, what would be the best way to be of help? To send healing to the land to the trees, to the hidden folk, or something else? I’d really like to know your thoughts on this. Thank you.

A. My beloved, your heart weeps for the trees, I can feel it. I can feel the pain on our behalf. We are all connected in a web. Every action affects the whole. So therefore, when trees are cut down to build a runway…or highway, or for any reason, everything on earth is affected, every creature, every particle of energy on earth is affected. Every action has this effect whether it is an action of love or fear.

So many of your kind have cut themselves off from the sun, from the earth, from their own belonging. They have cut themselves off and to prove how right they are, they cut us down and pour concrete thinking only of their own convenience.

Do not despair. For we will grow. We will send out shoots branches and leaves, and our seeds without fail. We can grow through concrete. Haven’t you seen this? We grow in areas that you humans have made ugly. Because to grow is all we know. It is who we are. We crown your earth. We support your life giving soil. We weave a fabric of love across each continent and island with our branches and roots.

So if you wish to send healing to us, to the hidden folk to all the affected spirits, please do so. If you wish to support us, please do so in whatever way you are guided. We can feel every particle of your love and caring and we are blessed by it all. Your good wishes fill the web with love and hope. We are blessed no matter what, simply by being alive on this planet, on this beautiful magnificent earth.

Please send healing also to your own spirits; to the part of your spirit that would cut itself off from your soul and your wild nature. Always look within before you look without. This is the principle to live by. When you see ugliness or things you do not understand, things that frighten or disgust you in the outside world look for a counterpart within and heal that. Begin within. Then you may help others heal this wound within themselves.

You are my beloved. You are getting this. You know this. You are spreading the word and for that we are so very grateful. Thank you!

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