Expand or contract?


GCW speaks of expansion and contraction:

It has come to my attention that your human hearts, the center of your brilliant selves can expand or contract, depending on the fear or joy you feel. The joyful loving heart fully expanded can encompass the universe and all its inhabitants with light.

Do not think you are insignificant! Do not think your feelings, your transmissions of emotion have no effect, for each of you sends powerful signals to all that is, the the web of all things. Emotion and feeling are the messages. All particles in the universe are affected by you!

Do you wish you hadn’t read that? You can’t go back to pretending you are powerless; you can only move forward with the knowledge that you are a being of light, that you matter, that your existence is meant to be. Step up and claim your power!

When you close your heart to this knowledge and squeeze off the muscles of your chest, cave your shoulders in around your center, shut off your feelings, wall in your energy, you inhibit the flow of your natural joy! You contract and subtract from the sum total of well being available to you and those whose lives you touch and outward into the great web. Perhaps if this becomes a habit, your heart has no choice but disease and decay.

Heal those breeches, tears and blocks in your energy. Turn inward and notice what is happening within you. Healing is possible. Reach out and ask for help so that you too may feel the expansion of love and joy and power throughout your being and have it mirrored back to you ten fold.

You too are a shining star at your core. Allow yourself to know it, feel it, and live it!


GCW speaks of illness

New life from old

New life from old

Do not blame outside forces for your illness. How is it affecting you? Are you tied, achy, is it hard to breathe? Go inward to the mirror that knows all things. Ask what you are tired of. Ask what is making you ache with emotion. What is preventing you from taking in life fully and allowing it to express through you? Where do you feel these things in your body? Pay attention. Befriend your body.

Your body is not separate from your emotions, feelings, thoughts, spirit. Take care of all of you. That includes your spirit. Acknowledge and befriend your infinite spirit, the essence of you. Pay attention to your feelings and emotions for they are your true guidance in all things.

If you persist in doing something that feels wrong, or too much, or unpleasant, something in you will send up an alarm. Pay attention! Address it before it mirrors itself in your magnificent body. Then you will be forced to pay attention!

Do those things that feel good and make your heart glad! If that means resting, sleeping extra, curling up with a book, closing your eyes while the sun shines, find a way to do it! Do not be contrary! I know you will try to argue and say you do not have time! Grandmother Cottonwood wishes the best for all living things, that this community, this mother earth may continue to bless all who dwell here. When you make time to do what is right and healthy for you, it strengthens the exquisite web in which all things are one.

What did it feel like to grow from an… acorn?

G of Central Texas asks:2013-01-01 00.00.00-449

Q. What did it feel like to grow from an acorn?

A. Dear G, are you suffering from a case of species confusion? My queenly cottonwood self grew from a tiny cottonwood seed. My friends the Oaks love to pelt unwary hikers with their hard little acorns on windy days in the fall.  We must all have our amusements….

To grow from a miniscule windblown seed into my present magnificence I did nothing but allow the unfolding already primed and ready deep within my seed. I fastened my seatbelt, so to speak and held on for the ride.

As the unfolding continues, I feel the earth’s magnetic core draw my roots downward toward its sacred center, and my trunk and branches pulled ever upward powered by the sun. Every spring I feel my sap rising, my thousands of leaf buds rolling open, each year more and more of them, deeper bark, a wider girth, a taller trunk, a greater reach; simply the original promise of my seed fulfilled. It is my honor to feel the wind and rains, to know the dance of the grasses and then to rest each winter after my time of growth is done for the year. Each fall I must once again surrender to the ancient cycle of the seasons and release those dear golden leaves that have served me so well, knowing the time for rest and pulling inward has arrived.

This has been a most satisfying life!  And delightful!

Will I ever be famous?

M of Central Texas asks:

Q.  Will I ever be a famous wrestler?

A.  M, You know GCW can’t foretell the future. Its not my job. Its my job to kick your butt when you’re not doing what you’re supposed to do and you’re off track… figuratively, of course…

When you say famous, think about it. What does that mean to you?  How will you feel inside? Forget the fancy cars and all the girls, the money, the TV shows. What emotions will you feel and where do you feel them in your body? When you get those feelings of fame, just hold them in your consciousness. Every day, just feel the feeling of being famous. None of those trappings, none of the surface stuff…but the inside feeling… Practice the feelings that you want. These come first, before anything else.

And then being a wrestler. What is that about? What is the inside feeling of being a wrestler? I’m getting…GAH! Is it a feeling of power? Are there other ways to get that same feeling? Practice those too.

I’m not telling you you’re not going to be a famous wrestler. I’m just trying to get you to think about what you really want and how that will feel to you. Feeling comes first, before having. Practice the emotions daily. Don’t pretend. Feel them with your entire heart mind and soul.

You probably know this already, but it’s up to you, dude — what you do with your life. Every choice you make, every word you speak lines up with what you’re gonna get. So make your words count, make your actions count, make your thoughts count.

If you become a famous wrestler without creating an inner foundation for yourself, knowing your deepest and truest desires feelings and needs, you will be like a hollow tree. You might look good on the outside for awhile, but you have no roots, no inner strength or resilience, no way to hold fast when the strong winds come. The first windstorm will take you out.

GCW wants you to know that you are precious beyond words and that you are meant to be here on this beautiful planet we call home. The earth needs you to become who you are meant to be.

Grandmother CW signing off.

Healing for the trees

2013-01-01 00.00.00-137Q. A of central Iowa asks:

When I or others become aware of large area of trees being cut down, what would be the best way to be of help? To send healing to the land to the trees, to the hidden folk, or something else? I’d really like to know your thoughts on this. Thank you.

A. My beloved, your heart weeps for the trees, I can feel it. I can feel the pain on our behalf. We are all connected in a web. Every action affects the whole. So therefore, when trees are cut down to build a runway…or highway, or for any reason, everything on earth is affected, every creature, every particle of energy on earth is affected. Every action has this effect whether it is an action of love or fear.

So many of your kind have cut themselves off from the sun, from the earth, from their own belonging. They have cut themselves off and to prove how right they are, they cut us down and pour concrete thinking only of their own convenience.

Do not despair. For we will grow. We will send out shoots branches and leaves, and our seeds without fail. We can grow through concrete. Haven’t you seen this? We grow in areas that you humans have made ugly. Because to grow is all we know. It is who we are. We crown your earth. We support your life giving soil. We weave a fabric of love across each continent and island with our branches and roots.

So if you wish to send healing to us, to the hidden folk to all the affected spirits, please do so. If you wish to support us, please do so in whatever way you are guided. We can feel every particle of your love and caring and we are blessed by it all. Your good wishes fill the web with love and hope. We are blessed no matter what, simply by being alive on this planet, on this beautiful magnificent earth.

Please send healing also to your own spirits; to the part of your spirit that would cut itself off from your soul and your wild nature. Always look within before you look without. This is the principle to live by. When you see ugliness or things you do not understand, things that frighten or disgust you in the outside world look for a counterpart within and heal that. Begin within. Then you may help others heal this wound within themselves.

You are my beloved. You are getting this. You know this. You are spreading the word and for that we are so very grateful. Thank you!