What is beautiful about being a tree?

2013-01-01 00.00.00-38K of Eastern Nebraska asks:

Q. What is the most beautiful part of being a tree?

A. Well, I have trouble thinking as you do and dividing things up into parts. That’s why humans must have nations, borders, fences, walls, and divisions of all kinds. Your language promotes divisions, and the translation from tree to English does not always have the meaning I wish it to. Since I’m letting my voice come through one whose thinking and language is like yours, I will say this:

Simply, it’s all beautiful; from the deepest of my roots, many yards beneath the surface of the soil to the very tips of my leaves, shimmering in the breeze to the unseen aspects of me that you call energy. Seeing me or anything as made up of separate parts like a science diagram is a misunderstanding. I am one. Every particle of me is related to and depends on every other particle of me. All time is one, all is connected in a magnificent tapestry; the eternal now that we all exist in.

The complete experience of being a tree is ecstatic! I am overflowing with joy.

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