Do trees feel emotion?

A of central Iowa wonders

Q.  Do you experience emotion?

A.  I experience a moment to moment adjustment and adaptation to the filament-fine nuances of all t2013-01-01 00.00.00-498hat is. The web of existence in which all living things, all humans, all spirits, all planets, stars and galaxies, all particles of soil, all rocks, have a part. Every decaying pine needle on the forest floor, every hair that has fallen from your head, every particle of dust all have their place in this web. All is accounted for.

Emotion for humans is a moving energy that constantly shifts and changes based on your thoughts, that is meant to flow, to teach, to enlighten, to show you what matters to you. If you pay attention you can feel these emotions in your body. They are inseparable from who you are.

I too experience moving energy, but of a different sort. Energy is transported from my roots deep in the earth with the to the topmost leaves of my crown. Then the energy of the sun flows from my leaves down through my branches and trunk to the earth. I am a column, a channel of 2 way moving energy; a pathway between heaven and earth. I experience a state of acute awareness to the web of all that is through this moving energy. It feels expansive and alive and good and you might define this as love.

In the eternal present, I simply am.

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