Tree communication

Sunlit sycamore framed by Grandmother Cottonwood

Sunlit sycamore framed by Grandmother Cottonwood

D of Ames Iowa wants to know:

Q. How can someone open up to communicate with your fellow trees?

A. Choose a tree that you feel drawn to. Allow your heart’s energy to expand as you ask to communicate with it. You do not need to be near the tree. Your heart’s energy and your intention to communicate tap into the energy of the tree, no matter where it is.

Allow yourself to be filled with the images, words, feelings, emotions, or sounds that emerge. Simply be open and be aware. Listen to the whisperings and offerings of the tree with your entire being. Receive all that is given with your full awareness. You may simply receive a feeling, without words or “content”. Pay attention!

Trees wish to communicate and be known. We wish to have our reality and our needs expressed and described, for you would be amazed at the secret lives we live that you and your motorcycle roaring, cell phone talking, truck driving, mall shopping, TV watching humans have no idea exists. Awareness of our reality will expand yours and make the world a friendlier place for all!

Expand your hearts and minds. Tune into our wavelength and become aware of the wonder, the intricate balance, the world beyond your senses and imagination that we inhabit! RIGHT UNDER YOUR NOSES! We are honored by your request and will fulfill it for you. We wish to have all humans know the magnificence of this earth and all creatures who form the great community of life forms that is this loving planet earth.

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