What is the greatest gift for our children?

Girl and her fairy house

A girl and her fairy house

L of Ames Iowa asks:

Q. What is the greatest need of our children? What is the greatest gift we can provide our children?

A. My dear L, every child ever born needs the loving energy , the all encompassing energy of abiding love from parents, caregivers, and those who spend time in their presence. For this is life-giving energy as rain and sunshine are to a flower. It is the mirror of their wholeness. It is the blueprint for their growth as human beings.

If you take care of a child whose parents can’t provide these things, your full presence as a mirror of their inner light is what is most needed. Be the light with them. They will know it and feel it.

Have you not seen a child shy away from a person who has closed their heart? The child can feel and knows that this lack of flowing energy, this void, is hurtful to them, and they are right to turn away.

Along with the life-giving energy of great love, children need a connection- a palpable daily connection with the mother of all creatures, all life forms, our beautiful planet earth. Every child must know the earth which sustains all living things. GCW sees and feels many children in homes of synthetic materials, staring into the blue light of a moving screen, interacting with colorful “educational toys” separated from the flow, the throb and pulse of life on their home planet. They will feel like strangers here until they connect with the earth and its creatures.

GCW also sees much fear of the earth’s cycles and nature. Many of you fear the heat of summer, the cold of winter, driving snow, stormy winds. I see others who fear or dislike insects, dirt, and what you call weeds. Fear only begets more fear and becomes magnified in the minds of those who learn by example. They feel such sorrow and grief at the great separation from their home, the earth.

The gifts of love and time to connect with the earth are not expensive and they bless the giver as well as the receiver. Blessings flow to the web of all creation with joyful expansion. Bless you for your caring work!

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