Grandmother Cottonwood, summer moss

Grandmother Cottonwood, summer moss


Grandmother Cottonwood speaks of being.

For a tree, being is life.  All that occurs unfolds in the proper timing and season with no effort, no pushing no trying, no struggle.  My beingness is tuned intimately to the web of all things. The tiniest flicker of a spider’s leg as it spins it web, the insect eggs laid on my leaves waiting for their beingness to unfold are all know to me. I delight in my tree-ness!  The leaves of my crown shimmer with joy and I revel in this indescribable beauty!  Shifting patterns of dark and light flicker on my trunk and the earth at my rooty feet.  The shimmer of a cottonwood leaf sets the web of life singing!

Have you tuned in to the beingness that is your deepest self? Beneath the surface trappings, below the energy of thought, deep within your core, at your heartwood, lies the essence of you. You are this from lifetime to lifetime, beyond all measurement, beyond all death and decay. Nothing can alter your beingness!

Take a moment each day to feel and know this invisible indestructible, magnificent, infinite beingness, the foundation and roots of who you are in this lifetime! Let your leaves shimmer with joy!

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