Knowledge for the planet



Bee of Ames Iowa asks:

Q. What is the greatest piece of knowledge you wish every person on our planet to know?

A.  To know with your hearts (not your heads – for they are overrated!) that you are blessed!  To know in every cell of your body that life is good!  To know with every particle of your being that you belong here!

You are the whole and part of the whole. You are the hub of the great web in which all things are one, and you are the filaments of the web.  You are directly involved in the exhilarating waves of joy, of feeling, of creation, ebbing and flowing throughout this finely tuned universe.

Every living thing has made a difference simply by choosing to come to earth in this lifetime; as a tree, rooting deeply to the earth, bringing up fruit and seeds from the elements of sunshine and rain and soil; as a bird soaring on the breeze and launching a clear sweet song into the silence; as a human, following your deepest passions, creating from the deepest core of your being; as a drop of water merging with the flow of the creek, as a blade of grass, turning toward the sun, as a toad silently watching for a tasty morsel, as a handful of silty soil on a creek-bank; as a stone patiently soaking up the heat of each day and releasing it at night.

Every particle of creation here upon the earth is good – everything is whole within itself and part of a larger whole.

You are meant to be here now! Allow yourselves to blossom into the fullness of your inborn potential and see how the web of all things responds to your being!

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