Pure joy!

Pure joy!

GCW speaks of joy:

You humans with your two strong legs, your powerful voices, your beating hearts, your exquisite hands, arms, elbows, shoulders, your graceful flowing movements, your smooth supple skin a tree like me can only dream of… your language, your nuance of tone and inflection, your impossibly beautiful music – You are magnificent creatures!

I see your beautiful energies interweave, intermingle, create new patterns and colors as you come together- even two strangers meeting on the path beneath my branches create fascinating never-been seen-before patterns of energy (and you think they didn’t even notice you).

All is energy. When it flows freely you feel joy; you become joy – you are lit up like the night sky studded with countless stars and a full moon, you are deep and infinite. You feel expansive as though you are one with all things, (and you are) and this feeling expands through your body moving every cell of your being to dance, to sing, to create effortlessly in the way most suited to your individual natures.

When you hold yourself apart from this flow, it is like beaching yourself on a sandbar, or to become a stone submerged deep at the bottom of a stream bed. But everything in this oneness affects everything else and the current will rise in flood and sweep the sandbar clean, or wear away the stone, releasing each particle again to dance upon the current of life in the endless cycle of creation and re-creation.

Let your energies sing as they are meat to! You are a vital part of all that is. You are meant to shine brightly and freely. It is time to cast off the clouds that dim your light and reach toward the sun! Your light is an integral part of this oneness we call life.

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