Lessons for a tree whisperer



C of Urbandale, Iowa asks:

Q. Is the red oak in my back yard dead? I planted it a year ago.

A. Dear C, I will not tell you because then you would not discover your gifts as a tree and plant whisperer. You must discern this for yourself. Get yourself into a quiet state. Put your hands on your heart and breathe deeply. Let your awareness come into your body. Release thoughts.

Now stand near the tree and touch it if you like. Ask the question and allow the energy of the tree to answer you. You may hear words, see pictures, or simply know the truth deep within you. You may feel an emotion or feeling in your body.

Do this with other trees and garden plants near your home and the soil and grasses. Practice! All these living beings have tales to tell that will amaze and delight you! You must drop all doubt and skepticism, all fear of being seen as a kook or nut case. Those who label you have not the exquisite sensitivity, are not attuned to the frequencies of earth and plant spirits as you are!

Trust yourself! Practice your superpower! Enjoy

2 thoughts on “Lessons for a tree whisperer

  1. Grandmother Cottonwood, I so enjoyed your answer and encouragement. I just returned from a trip to the mountains. My family was a little baffled and annoyed as I gathered rocks and old wood that “spoke” to me. I will do as you suggest. Thank you. C


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