Unethical people

Summer greenery

Summer greenery

A of West Des Moines, Iowa asks:

Q. What is the best way to deal with unethical people?

A. My dear A, how did they enter your field of notice? What is it in them that is mirrored within you? Is it a fear of being taken advantage of? Do you expect this? Are you fitting energetically with them like 2 pieces of a puzzle or 2 sides of a coin?

Do you preach and rail against what they are doing? Do you stew and worry and frown about their actions? Do you tell everyone you know? These actions and thoughts create the energy in you that draws them to you and you to them. Within the great web of all things, without knowing it, you have chosen to encounter these people.

What you worry about, stew over, push against, talk endlessly about, protest and fear only increases that energy within you. It is as though you put out a welcome mat and leave the porch light on for them!

Go inward with healing light and shine it on those fears and doubts and everything that dims your bright nature. Move your powerful attention to wonder, joy, fun and people who delight and inspire you. See the best in others and expect it in return.

Create boundaries. Decide each day to align body, mind, and spirit with your source and nothing less. Create a ritual for yourself to make this a reality. You are awesome and powerful! Own it in every cell of your being and every moment of your life and every word you say!

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