What if you don’t know what you love?

Prairie grasses

Prairie grasses

S of Des Moines, Iowa asks:

Q. How does someone find their purpose if they don’t know what they love?

A. My dear S, how can any being on the face of this magnificent green earth not know what they love? That feeling you ask about represents a shutting down of feeling, a doing of one’s duty, doing what others, perhaps your parents, pushed you into, a shrouding of and suppression of your divine inner spark. Do not allow yourself to be in this half-dead state any longer! You must dive deep into the waters of life and live with your whole heart!

To find your purpose is to let go of all the “shoulds” and “have tos” and let go of the worry about the printed green paper and silver coins you call money. It is to touch your heart, the real deep inner heart of you .

What did you love and desire as a child? Can you feel those feelings of climbing a friendly tree, running free through the prairie grasses, watching the creek flow, riding your pony at top speed across an open field, letting your crayon or pencil move across a blank page and create powerful lines and shapes? Did you love to open your throat and sing to the heavens? Revisit those feelings and joys of childhood, there you will find clues.

To heal, the clouds and fog of adulthood and “responsibility “ must be dissolved, so you can tune in to the joy at your center. Let this feeling move you to your true calling in this life! You are needed here, clear and open, happy and doing what you truly love. You bless the web of all things with your light- so allow it to shine fully!

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