Do I have psychic abilities?

2015-08-20 09.54.46

C of Urbandale wonders:

Q: How do I discern what learning path to take? Do I have good psychic ability?

A. My dear C, I embrace you with my tree energy as you come into my awareness through your question.

You have within you powers that will amaze and delight you and will make your life so much more than you’ve ever dreamed! These powers have lain dormant within you for many years because of fear, doubt, numbness, anger. All these feeling have clouded your light and given you the false impression that you are powerless and less than others.

Find your path as you gently and lovingly clear the fog from your inner sunlight. Listen to the voice within you that knows who you are and what is right for you. You will be guided by the right book coming into your hands at the right time, a conversation that strikes a chord, a sudden insight, a song, or a sign from nature… Pay attention for this is the unfolding of your path beneath your feet. It is not dramatic, it is not overwhelming, it is not more than you can handle. It is your awareness of guidance one moment at a time. Be patient, and pay attention!!!

You ask if you have psychic ability.. Yes you do. You are communicating with a tree spirit, and this is a step on your path!

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