Monarch butterfly on purple coneflower

Monarch butterfly on purple coneflower

C of Ames, Iowa asks:

Q. Why is it so hard to give up my addiction to sugar?

A. What is sugar, but a substitute for love? Wasn’t it easier for your parents to give you a gooey brownie or warm cookie and send you away than deal with the truth, the messy feelings, the real inside of you, the heart and soul, the hidden depths of you?

There is always some sugar filled or encrusted thing available to give you another high. But it keeps you distracted from what is going on deep under the surface of your being.

Your physical being is altered by sugar. The energies of those on sugar feel to me as though they are on overdrive; too much – too fast – not real- not a source of real sustainable energy. It revs you up and wears you out! Your body wants it, your mind wants it. But your spirit does not want it, Your wise self knows the addiction to sugar is distracting you from your true power.

And then, there is blackness when you crash- when there is not another candy bar or doughnut within reach. You focus on that, on getting the next cookie or bag of candy, removed from the only thing that really matters, your heart and soul, the feelings that flow and form the fabric of your life.

Tune in. Become aware of your feelings, the promptings of the spirit and learn to be with them, and you will need less and less of the sweet stuff that is unnatural in such huge amounts!

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