Maple leaf

Maple leaf

GCW speaks of disappointment

Will you allow disappointment, failure or a big mistake to shipwreck your life?

Rooted things do not make mistakes. All we must do is grow toward the sun and send our roots down. We simply exist with no judgment, no standards of beauty, no measure of success, no report card.

But for you magnificent humans, who can move, speak, decide, think, feel, and make choices, you who must answer to others, you must find a way to love yourselves when life doesn’t unfold in the way you’ve so carefully planned. Love and forgive yourself, feel the grief, the feelings of disappointment, but never let your spark go out! Then get back up on that pony & ride like the wind! As long as you are focused in a body, you have another chance and another and another.

Let the memories of your disappointments be like autumn leaves. At first they stand out with blazing brightness, then they let go, drop to the earth, and crumble to dust under foot to feed next year’s growth.

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