The spirit world

Tree as healer

Tree as healer

GCW speaks of the spirit world

My dears, there is no separate “world” in which spirits are confined! All things that you can see taste touch small and hear are so much more than the outward physical manifestation you sense with your bodies.

When you tune into your feelings, when you observe your thoughts, you are tuning into your own delightful energy – AKA spirit! Yes, you are spirit as well as body! Understand, feel, know and sense that and you will deepen and enrich your earthly experience beyond measure.

As you become more sensitive, you will begin to open a window to the wider spectrum of experience. You will begin to know what lies beyond the everyday experience of the physical world. You will be shown the underpinnings of this life, the source in which all things are one.

You cannot be told! You must experience and travel this path for yourself. A teacher can guide you if you flounder and resist. But know this: Your heart is the compass to navigate the unseen realms, the foundations of all that is. Trust it!

Going beyond what you know with the senses is to deepen and enrich and make incredibly precious your life here in the body in this place at this time.

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