Not good enough?

Jack-in-the-pulpit berries

Jack-in-the-pulpit berries

Grandmother Cottonwood speaks of “Not good enough”

My dear, you constantly strive to improve yourself! You think your best effort is not good enough. You think less of yourself when you do not measure up to the standards, weights and measures others have devised to define and control!

When will you realize your precious and delightful energy is better spent on creating your unique life, blazing your trail into the unmeasured un-analyzed territory of the heart, knowing and trusting yourself? The source in you is inspiring and guiding you each step of the way. Tune in! For the growing, expanding, unfolding, exciting, inspiring place is deep within you and nowhere else.

This will allow you to unfold into the rich full human being that you are designed to be, not a clone of someone else, not patterned after an ideal model, praised by the media and your mom.

You are first and foremost here to be and discover your own desires and bring them to fruition, to grow toward the sun in your own way, at your own pace. Let go of “Not good enough” once and for all.

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