GCW speaks of Thanksgiving

How beautiful it is to acknowledge all the blessings of this life – of your physical existence here in this place at this time. The food that delights the senses and enlivens your physical bodies, the shelter that provides you with a warm and welcoming home, those objects that give you pleasure and make your life easier… the magnificent beauty of the natural world… those beloved friends and loved ones, the most precious gifts of all…

To give thanks is to feel these blessings lovingly in your heart and know the support of the universe. It is to experience deeply the connections between all things and all beings.

You are meant to be here! NEVER FORGET THIS! The universe fully supports your existence! Do you know this? If not, reexamine your beliefs!

Every particle in this universe to the far limits of your awareness and beyond is supported by love, which is the thread that weaves the tapestry of creation!

Feel it. Know it. Live it.

When you embody and allow this exquisite love to radiate from the center of your being you become the very energy of appreciation. It is your priceless birthright!

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