Dance of energy

2015-10-11 09.51.12

Autumn cottonwood

GCW speaks of the energy in all things

Have you felt and sensed that all living things are permeated and surrounded by their own atmosphere? Have you felt the pull toward another, or a feeling of being repelled and wanting to keep your distance?

All is a dance of energy. Pay attention for this is your sensitive radar. You all have it! Tune in and let it guide you through life. It is more powerful, sensitive and smarter than your smartest shiny blinking object. And no monthly plan!

When you tune in, this energy may manifest as feeling, as bodily sensations as gut instincts, as knowing, as simply appearing in the right place at the right time for no apparent reason.

You were given these bodies that are so much more than any of you can imagine! Expand your experience. Expand your knowing and pay attention to them. Take time to tune in to the miracle that is you. No rushing about and staring at blinking objects while trying to tune in!

Quiet your minds, the frenetic energy, the reeling thoughts, the ever present judgments, and the world will be a more peaceful place. Your thoughts are the energy that create the tapestry of your life. Choose thoughts that support the life you wish to create!

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